С восьми утра, до десяти — подвиг.
У обитателей ресурса, по совместительству поклонников творчества группы была возможно задать свой вопрос Юрки. Вопросы были заданы, вопросов было не так уж много. Я как-то ожидал большей активности, но, видимо, сейчас везде так. Дайровцам я даже не предлагал принять участие в интервью. Хотя может и зря.
Так вот ответы, как и сами вопросы. Думаю, прочтете что-то новое и интересное, как, например, Юрки 6 часов назад открыл нам название первой песни из нового альбома.

1. In many interviwes You said that "Angels" is kind of opposite side of "Devils". "Devils" is brighter, it has hope and in "Angels" many see disapointment in people (Los Angeles, Perfect Skin), higher powers (Angels). Was it planned? And what can we expect in this case from the new album?
(Question from Nicki_Star. Russia)
>> All that just happened, I realized it after the album(s) was finished. Many things in our music just comes "from somewhere", from subconcious maybe, some thing cannot be explained and many times also songs and even whole albums get a different meaning/vibe after a while they've been out and fans and likewise us have formed opinions of them.

2. In "Angels" album biblical motives can be seen, espesialy in the songs "Angels" and "In My Mane". If the idea of the first one is clear, with the second it's not that simple. In the lines: "In my name\Shall you be forgiven" I see a connection with the tale of Christ. Am I right? And it would great to know more aboout this song, it's idea and it's logical place in the whole album's idea :)
(Question from Blessed_with_devil. Russia)
>>I was walking on Hollywood Boulevard after a long night and crossing the street as somebody gave me a leaflet kind of a booklet. I put it to my pocket and found it back home from my luggage. It was a St.Mark's gospel booklet and I was reading it as I listened this song as a demo. I'm referring into that in the lyrics. Elvis, Johnny Cash and Nick Cave always have also gospel elements in their music, I think it's part of rock'n'roll walk the line between good and evil.

3. In the 50s finnish musicians were singing in finnish american, english and other countries' songs, but now we can see just a few (in comparishment
with those, who sing in english) of bands, prefering native language. But in the same time the sitiution is opposite and in the other way: it is finnish songs to be remade. Do You see any future for rock, pop, folk music with the lyrics in finnish? And for all finnish music on the world stage?
(Question from Mayden. Russia)
>>I hope so! At least children's music. Some Finnish folk metal bands are using Finnish in their music - that's cool.

4. You took part in the project of finnish channel "Nelonen" which was connected with the ecological situation in the Baltic region. What is Your opinion about changes in this unic ecosystem? Would You continue to do something about the ecological situation in the Baltic Sea outside the project?
(Question from Terror_J_Blood)
>> That thing is just coming up - it's called "Pirates Of the Baltic Sea"! We're trying to wake up all the people around the Baltic sea to realize that it's better start acting now to save our sea as soon as possible! Check that thing out - it's gonna SUPER cool thing!!!

5. What are those strange sounds in the end of Hevioso song? :) Is that a magic spell?
(Question from Hed. Russia)
>>They're voodoo sounds by Johnny Lee Michaels - you DON'T want to know more!

6. Can you tell us something about the new album?
(Question from DoctorAnn. Ukraine)
>>It's all about vampires. The first track in called "Back In Blood".

7. What was the last good thing, I mean the book you have recently read through?
Could you give an advice what to read? Have you any special book you really love?
I simply am interested. And about the music? :)))
(Question from me - J.AMBER. Latvia )
>> Neil Gaiman's "American Gods" is cool, I'm not finished yet though...Poppy Z. Brite's "Lost Souls" was a big favorite of mine for years when it came out. Music...the new Christian Death album's cool!

8. I really like Zombie Love comics it's awesome I think! So Do you still plan to create comics for your fans in the near future? You do wish something to tell as about it?
(Question from me - J.AMBER. Latvia )
>>Thanks! Actually I'm planning to release the Zombie Love merch line soon: T-shirst and stuff! The new comics album is also on the plan...

Thanks for your questions, see you soon & check out in October our "Goth'N'Roll" box set! Happy Halloween 2008 with that!

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